Armored Collection

Anti-Ballistic Clothing

Míguelo Romano’s anti-ballistic clothing is light-weight and available within select jackets and hoodies. A different material from the cut-resistant fibers, our anti-ballistic clothing uses high-tenacity microfilament yards that allows the clothing to absorb the kinetic energy of incoming projectiles.

The technology within our fabric is designed to comply with the NIJ II and NIJ IIA standards and tested for 9mm FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) at ~1,090 fps (332 mps) and .40 S&W Full Metal Jacket at 1,025 fps (312 mps). Our anti-ballistic line of clothing is lightweight, durable, comfortable and fashionable.

Cut Resistant Clothing

Select clothing from Míguelo Romano is manufactured with a special state-of-the-art fabric, a cut and blade resistant fabric that is composed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers. It is light-weight, flexible and has been tested against the world’s most rigid standards.

While most Kevlar® fabrics offer an ISO 13997:1999 blade cut resistance level 2 and in very rare occasions level 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5), the cut-resistant fabric in our clothing offers the highest cut resistance level 5, which makes it 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar® products rated level 3 at 5N.

Blade Resistance Levels

  • ISO 13997:1999 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 – highest possible
  • ASTM F-1790 Blade Cut Resistance Level 4
  • EN 388:2003 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 – highest possible

Other Forms of Protection

  • EN 388:2003 Tear Resistance Level 4 – the highest possible
  • EN 388:2003 Abrasion Resistance Level 4 – the highest possible